Make Your Own DIY Battle Ropes to Build a Strong Fitness

For generations, the art of making DIY battle ropes has been passed down from father to son. These hand made battle ropes are a great idea for any family reunion or themed birthday party. They are simple to assemble and can be made for under $30. But there IS a better way to obtain the essential tools that you require AND have fun along the way.


If you're looking for a simpler alternative to spending time gathering around a bar and hoping someone else shows up with enough time and strength to complete workouts, then why not consider building your own  DIY battle ropes for less than the cost of most gym memberships? Plus, if you have the opportunity to save money on expensive gym equipment AND create a quality one yourself, then why not do so? So here, we've decided to help you understand exactly how to create DIY fitness workouts using your own body weight and workout equipment.


First, let's cover some common misconceptions when it comes to DIY fitness workouts using homemade battle ropes. First of all, many people believe that the knot used to attach the ropes to the surface is actually the strength rating of the rope. The actual strength rating is based upon the diameter of the rope itself, the weight of each individual rope (plus the weight of the anchor if using one), and the strength of the knots used. As such, no matter how many pounds you want to pull, you can only lift or lower the weights a certain amount before the knots wear out and need to be replaced. However, if you utilize the weight of one person pulling against a single rope, this will be much more effective than using multiple weight bearing ropes. 


Second, many people are under the impression that it is necessary to purchase special equipment for making their own DIY battle ropes. This is simply not true - although there are special mats, weight belts, and other items, these are for professional athletes. For most of us, it is sufficient to use strong carpet tape to hold the ends together, and to tie the four ends together using strong duct tape. The idea is to create a strong framework for the ends of the diy battle ropes. This is easily accomplished by tying two pieces of strong double-sided tape on both sides, then rolling the tape over a carpet piece until it creates a strong framework for the ends of the diy battle ropes.


Finally, the best part about making your own DIY fitness workouts with these types of battle ropes is that they allow for a much greater degree of personalization than typical gym equipment. You can make your workouts as personal as you want, which means that you can do exactly what works best for your body type, weight, and level of experience. While purchasing gym equipment in a store may be slightly more convenient, it is far from being personal. With a few simple and inexpensive changes, you can make your own workout and enjoy it at home anytime you like.


If you would prefer to assemble your DIY battle rugs yourself, the easiest way to do this is to sew the two ends of the long pieces of double-sided tape together with a sewing machine. In order to make sure that the seams on the rug are completely even, you will also want to overlap the pieces of tape a bit. Once the edges of the die battle rugs are sewn together, you will simply need to roll them up like a rug and staple them onto the floor, then let them dry completely before using them. These unique and innovative home gym equipment creations can provide all the benefits of having professional quality floor mats for a fraction of the cost!