Best thermos for coffee an excellent gift for the holidays

The advertising thermoses have two well - defined target audiences. On the one hand, there are the workers who use the thermos to take their coffee to the office or workplace. On the other hand, we find people who travel regularly either for leisure or business.


In a leisure trip such as to the mountains, its use is very widespread when camping in the mountains. Both to keep the drink hot or cold, the best thermos for coffee will be very useful . Thermoses have largely replaced the old canteens, many of them their lid serves as a glass to be able to drink more calmly.


Hunters and sinners also carry it with them on all weekend outings. Hunting and fishing days are usually long and sometimes the wait is enlivened with a good cup of coffee served of course in a thermos.


Reps and sales representatives always on the road and from appointment to appointment are another target audience for thermos. They use them quite often to have a coffee between visits.


You can use your advertising thermos all year round


It is a very practical item to use throughout the year . They are made with a thermal insulator. In winter it is very handy to keep liquids like coffee and soup warm . For summer, on the other hand, it will keep drinks cold for longer.


The best time to give them away is just before the summer or Christmas holidays . Since its use is very oriented to leisure and outdoors, the person who receives one of its best thermos for coffee will most likely use it during vacations.


There are different models of thermos, sizes and materials


There is a model with a handle and lid that also acts as a thermal mug . These are geared more for use in the office or workplace. These best thermoses for coffee have a smaller capacity and are usually between 330 and 500 ml.


The classic models do not have handles and have a roll-up lid that is often used as a glass. These models usually have a dispenser where the liquid comes out in a fluid way.


They are made mainly of metal or plastic. The most popular and elegant are those made of stainless steel. These in addition to maintaining the temperature of the liquid make a better impression on the person who receives them.